founded in 2022, we are creators and makers



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founded in 2022, we are creators and makers
passionate storytellers
and sub culture divers.

we explore trends yet unexplored, and ideas yet uncharted, music, art, sport, fashion, tech lifestyle - we find the pulsing heartbeat of everything around us and bring it to life through the most appropriate cinematic canvas.

in love with cinema

and the magic of make believe, we create, direct and produce with an aim of crafting films that are current as well as visually outstanding.

we convert brands into stores worth telling


The man with the Midas touch and the boy who’s forever curious, Rudra is a blend of contagious effervescence and complete practicality. He’s got his finger on the button when it comes to what’s new – be it music, sneakers, sports or advertising.

Having produced a multitude of films under the Prodigious banner, he comes in with his fresh take on production, coupled with infectious energy that makes every situation seem like a breeze. While he’s the go-to man for finding solutions to tricky situations, or solving problems that seem unassailable, his pro-activeness ensures he’s always a step ahead of the problem. Be it a killer production or even a friendly game of football, it’s always just easier knowing he’s always got your back.


Shai began her career at MTV & Vh1 India, directing noteworthy promo campaigns that won her several International Promax Awards in New York & Asia. Having cut her teeth in music television directing fun, out of the box, eye popping promo campaigns, and armed with her knowledge and sensibilities of visually interesting filmmaking, she founded JUNGLE, in 2020. She has since been directing commercials, music videos and branded content for brands and is te only women to have created a name of herself in the world of automobile, directing films for brands like Renault, Tata, Hyundai, Maruti and Hero Motorcorp. Her ability to create slick, edgy imgery and mine human stories in a cinematic setting has made her a go to in the world of youth, tech, fashion, auto & lifestyle.